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Ham it or glam it up with the Grinch!  Go visit the selfie station set up by the blackboard in the Café.  After you get your best shot, you can upload it to Facebook with a Grinch frame, inviting your FB friends to Christmas here at Faith Mountain! 


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We are so excited about this coming Christmas season and recognize what an incredible opportunity this is to invite our unchurched friends and family to hear about Jesus. In order to balance this great opportunity while being sensitive to families that serve during those services we are not having Sunday Morning services on Christmas Eve. We will instead celebrate with candle light services at 3 and 5 PM. We hope that you will join us in celebrating the birth of our Lord and start considering who you will invite on Christmas Eve. 

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Faith Mountain’s proposed 2018 budget is available at the VIP kiosk in the lobby.  Please pick up a copy to review and be ready to vote on it on December 31.  If you have any questions, please contact Josh Clemmer at izod00@gmail.com or Rick McKee at rickmckeeteam2911@gmail.com.


Youth Groups

The youth groups are on break until January 9.  Please join us again in the new year!

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On January 7th our Children’s ministry will be launching a full program for our 8:45 first service. We are excited as this opens up more opportunities for more people to serve as well as more opportunities to love kids to life. 

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Last month our check-ins provided 1,340 invitations to our Christmas services for our visitors to the Santa Shop. This month our checkins will support the Severe Weather Network Shelter. SWNS provides housing to the homeless in times of severe weather. Every check-ins will provide transportation for someone in need of a warm place to stay the night. Check-in on Facebook today and help us change the world for Christ with our check-ins.