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easter for lakewood

HELP!  We are very short on volunteers for our community Easter event, Easter for Lakewood!  We exist to love people to life, and that means that we are FOR our city.  As we have every year, we are planning a great Easter event to bless our community and its families on Saturday, March 31.  Help us make it amazing!  Please go see Betsy at the Children’s kiosk or email her at betsymckeeturner@gmail.com to see how you can serve.  Help us reach out to our neighbors and share the radical love of Jesus! 

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tres dias

Men's Weekend - April 19th-April 22nd

Women's Weekend-April 26th-April 29th

Tres Dias is a weekend that focuses on the person and teaching of Jesus Christ. It is a 3-day encounter to empower Christians to become leaders within their families, life groups, churches and communities. Contact info:

Gary DeFluiter, 303-250-9345, gdesign899@gmail.com 

Paul Henry, 303-668-3801, paul.henrydsc@gmail.com 


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Last month through your checkins, we were able to provide one week of meals for 89 children through Feed the Hungry . Thank you for checking in! This month we are supporting the King’s Cupboard, our food and clothing bank. Every 4 check-ins provide a meal for a family of four here in Lakewood. 

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flannel and flapjacks

Summer Camp for our middle school and high school students is a great opportunity for us to love students to life. In a week of camp our students get the equivalent of a half a year of messages and small groups. However camp does come with a cost. To help offset some of that cost for our leaders and parents of multiple students we will be doing a fundraiser we are calling Flannel and Flapjacks. Before, during, and after our services on Sunday, April 15, our students will be hosting an all-you-can-eat pancake breakfast for $5 in the gym. Tickets will be available next week. 


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Next Series

We all have questions. One of the most common is the problem of God, a question with compelling arguments on both sides. Join us for 6-weeks exploring this important question. Topics will include: the problem of God’s existence, the problem of science, the problem of evil & suffering, the problem of sex, the problem of exclusivity, & the problem of hypocrisy. Don’t miss this opportunity to engage your own doubts and invite your friends to do the same.